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MODOLO Table One – den första möbeln i serien ”Möbler för generationer” från MODOLO lanseras under Southern Sweden Design Days 2023. Välkommen och ta en närmare titt på Beyond Us vid Södertull i Malmö mellan den 25 och 28 maj.


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MODOLO – Furniture for Generations

The MODOLO furniture series “Furniture for Generations” only embraces the most necessary – the basics. We use as few resources and as little design as possible in everything we do. Simplicity and quality in materials and joints are fundamental to the design of our furniture. A piece of furniture from us should last for more than a hundred years of wear and be passed on from generation to generation.

Sustainability in both an ecological and aesthetic sense is the DNA of MODOLO. We don't use artificial materials, screws or glue to assemble the furniture. Instead, heavy solid wooden boards work together with recesses in the material to give our furniture stability.


The wooden boards are sawn from locally produced Swedish timber and delivered economically and practically in flat packages and then assembled by the user. Assembly and disassembly of MODOLO furniture is easy and only takes a few minutes, which means that the furniture, despite its solid weight, is easy to move.

Through the launch of MODOLO “Furniture for Generations”, we want to contribute to changing the focus of the furniture industry – from consumption-oriented trend design to a long-term sustainable view of the furniture that we surround ourselves with in our daily lives.

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